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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fan mail ♥ ^_^

Dear Abdul Rahman AsSudais;

You have the most wonderful voice ever in the world mashaAllah. The voice is small yet serene. Whenever I’m bored listening to my GLEE and Chris Brown’s songs in my playlist, I’ll always turn to you.

Eventhough it’s the same surah; over and over again. I’ll never get bored. I swear I play it not just at night to make me go to sleep (actually coz I’m scared of the legends of the hostel ghosts .. hahaha.. joking :P), but also when I want the time for myself.

Its calming just to hear your voice. And sometimes it sounds so cute! Chipmunks voices are annoying, yours is not. I swear to God. And you don’t even need to collaborate with AKON or ANYONE to make me like any of your recitations. Seriously.

Furthermore, you make it easier for me to memorize some surahs in the Quran due to your amazing voice and tune. I feel more eager to read the Quran more often and to play around with my recitation with your tone. (haha.. yeah.. I can be THAT lame..I still like to play 'pretending-to-be'up til today XP)

May God Bless You Always. And your so chubby you make me wanna mammam your cheeks!! Mammam!! MMMMmmm!! MmmaaaaammmMM!!! AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaarghh!! Cutey pie!!! >.<

Check him out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGgD_iTxdCQ



d_uzid said...

i may cry to fahd al kanderi recitation...huhu

Abdullah said...

Fan mail:

Dear Rasulallah,

Firstly, i would like to thank you for changing the world to a much better place.

Not only because you are allah's favourite, brought light to the world, a light which can never be outshined by any sun, but for being a great leader, politician, miliraty general, husband, father and friend who leads by example, a selfless man dedicated his life teaching what's good and bad.

Your words are so important that it becomes as sin to debate over it. It has changed an entire civilization from darkness and brutality to brightness and mercy. Its very sad that some of your followers try to misuse it to their advantage and cause destruction and harm to innocent people. Its not your fault, its their ignorance planted by shaitan to use your words for his own bad intentions.

I pray to allah for us to be your neighbor in heaven ya rabb and always keep you in our hearts and never let shaitan come even close to us doubting your words, to pour his and your blessings on us and for us to see you in our dream one day according to your words

من رآني في المنام فقد رآني حقا

(Whoever sees me in a dream has really seen me)


Abdullah said...

Another good and cute post Ameera as always..

I love listening to his recitations and i also love listening to recitations by other sheikhs such as Sheikh Soud Alshuraim and Sheik Meshari Alefasy as well..

I swear their voices reciting Allah's words shivers the soul!

ameera alzawawy said...

@d_uzid : a new reader! yippyyy! ^_^

@abdullah : i think u got the wrong blog.. am not rasulAllah... :S ..lol..:P

Abdullah said...

Haha.. I'm very aware of that Ameera..

As much as i think that you're a very good, nice, respectable and come from a great linage... I dont think that you come even close to him... No human being was ever created not will ever be created to be even close to him..

Its my fan mail to him.. Just like yours to Sheikh Alsudais..


Diyana said...

over looked at your reply comment to Abdullah's.


meera nakal.

rasulallah's blog? ish ish.. meera!!


Abdullah said...

Yes... NAkal Meera!!

Meera Meera!

d_uzid said...

yeah! yippy yaiyo!