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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unlike you, I'm fasting.. but I'm chewing gum...

From my point view, a good muslim is not measured by how well he knows his religion, but how much he practices it.

I may know a lot about genetics but that doesn’t make me a good geneticist when I have never applied my knowledge anywhere. To be good at something, you need experience.

What I mean by the word “experience” above is not of the things that you’ve done in the past such as your glory, your faults, etc. Moreover, it’s by experiencing the determination of “moving towards to becoming a good muslim”.

To me, Quran verses are never to condemn anyone; be it to the believers or non-believers..(Justin Beliebers? :D). The intentions in each ayat are not to make one feel distress or angry, but to make us feel challenged. Challenged to what They have dared. They tell us to do good and we are then told that the results will be as such. And if we do bad, penalties are as such and such. The consequences of the dares are told beforehand. It’s a book of guidance. Dare to do good or to be bad, you bear the consequences yourself.

I don’t mind if anyone wants to use any ayat Quran or hadeeth to correct others. But I think the best way to show it is by leading the example. If you start preaching about something but you aren’t even following your preaches, then it’ll be hard for people like me to take the advice from you. Because I won’t see any correlations between the two. And frankly, it irritates me. Ngehehe..:P ..If you want to preach the opposite of what you’re doing , then after you preach, stop doing it instantly. Then only I can be like “whoa…that’s awezome…”

I like it when someone shares their opinion in a way that their intention is to share their knowledge and not to show off what they know-(in a mean arrogant way). Some people I observe like to slam others using ayat Quran/ hadeeth without knowing the asbab ul nuzul and without having great knowledge of what they are saying. They only know the surface of the story and they use some verses/hadeeth and start preaching like they’re God. Come on man. You’re just a small fry who reads a book or two. To acquire knowledge, you need good teachers too. (it rhymes!)

Be humble in sharing knowledge. That’s the moral story of my post today. That’s what I intend to say. And a reminder to all (including me): even if you have repented, don’t criticize someone who has not. You were in their shoes once. Instead of condemning, why not show some love and care?


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Abdullah said...

From my point of view, a good Muslim is measured by a combination of how well he knows and how much he practices his knowledge. What you said to me was a good description of a Muslim.

I think your explanation of "experiencing the determination of becoming a good Muslim" can be summarized into one word...


Hidayah is an experience of the soul feeling a heavenly touch guiding your heart and mind towards the right path. That is when you see the person changes to become a better Muslim or to even embrace Islam.

But the thing about change as i have mentioned in an earlier post is that the first obstacle it will face is resentment.. But this time the resentment is against yourself!


To answer that you'll need to understand how shaitan works..

Satan is a genius! yes he is.. but he uses it for evil purposes. If he wanted you to jump off a building, he will not say "Hey! jump off that building!" he knows that you are smarter than that..

He starts by planting a seed in your mind about being curious on what is there on top of that building so that you'll go to see.

Once you are up there, he'll plant the next seed, looking at the view down and see the world from a bird's eye view!

Once you are at the edge looking down, he will start reminding you about the bad things which has happen in your life, the problems, the debts, the people, the reputation, the suffering, the humiliation, the misery... etc.

After all that, he'll offer a "perfect" solution for you... "Jump down and everything will be gone!"

The reason why i'm telling you this is to highlight a point..

Some people use logic to justify what wrong their doing is right.. It is not you are who is "smart" enough to figure it out.. but it is actually Satan who is feeding you all that thoughts to achieve his evil objectives!

This is exactly what i mean by your resentment is against yourself!

Satan's role is just to CONVINCE you... the final decision is yours!