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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm making no sense...


Is it just me or whenever I use contact lenses, my eyes go blur?? like literally...

For evening occasions, I prefer to use light colored contacts but instead of making my vision clearer, I go BLIND! Fine, fashion hurts, k i get it... but there must be something that I can do to make me bang fewer walls and hit less innocent lives!! -__-"

I WISH in later future, one good scientist will invent something like an eyedrop that will able some of us; fashion victims, to change the color of our eyeballs in accordance to our preferance; at that time. Therefore, it will reduce the tendency of air and dirt to accumulate in the space between the lense and my eyes. Hence, blurry effect will perish...forever...


Anyway, as you all know, Chris Brown and I are making it official..k...thats a bit stupid and childish... anyway...what i'm trying to say is that, i fell in love with Chris Brown's latest song:

"Should've kissed you"

I must admit that I've been bugging some of you to listen to his other songs : "Next 2 u" and "look at me now"before this... but "should've kissed you" is another song worth listening while you're driving...But girls, FYI, Chris Browns' mine and you girls are not even allowed to utter his name before earning my permission to do so. So, please bear that in mind. Thank you. (I'm watching you..... )

Lets sing a long, shall we? ^_^

Where Am I mad, I don't get it,
It seems like every time you give me signs,
And I miss it!
I did it again,
I admit it,
I left you standing there,
And now I regret it,

Seems like every time,
I get the chance,
I lose my cool, and I blow it,
And I get all tongue tied,
Lost in your eyes,
I'm a fool, and I know it!


I should've kissed you,
I should've told you,
Told you just how I feel,
And next time I won't stop,
I'll listen to my heart,
Cause what I feel is real!
I should've kissed you,
I should've told you how I feel,
I should've kissed you,
I should've showed you how I feel,

No I deny,
Give you my two cents,
A million reasons why I should have,
And it makes no sense,
So here I am,
By myself again,
Stopping for green lights, and Now I know,
I wanna be more than friends,

How come every time I get the chance
I lose my cool and I blow it,
And I get all tongue tied,
Lost in your eyes,
I'm a fool and I know it!

So I turned the car around,
And you were right where I left you,
And your smile said you were feeling me too,
And the motion's right,
Cause when your lips met mine,
I finally got it right,
I'll be leaving with you tonight,
And I won't have to say,

Girl I should've kissed you,
I should've told you told you just how I feel,
And this time I won't stop,
Until I have your heart,
Because this feeling is real.



Abdullah said...
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Anonymous said...

tak abes2 ngan chris brown die
miss u girl -beela

ameera alzawawy said...

beela mane nih? :DDD

Abdullah said...
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Abdullah said...

I know this is out of topic... I thought of sharing something interesting with you...

As you might already know my love for arabic music... And I know you enjoy listening to them as well.. Great voices singing great poetry.. Have you ever imagined if some of these singers were to utilize their gift from Allah and recite some of his words?

Hussein Aljasmy



The azan


Mohamed Abdoh


Rabeh Sager



I would like to apologize for the error in my previous comments.. Stupid iPad.. Here it is... ver 1.3... :-p