"Ask and its given..."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I wantz.........


All I want is a mini library full of books of my interests and a fully equipt
SPACIOUS kitchen ...

Money, please dont be too shy with me...lets be
friends...shall we........ :)


So what did I do today? I made bread! Cinnamon buns, plain bread and garlic breadsticks...All thanks to the Great Master of Bread making - my aunt :*

Earlier this year I made my own homemade butter which was awesome.. Yes, I'm not kidding.. :-P . So now all I need to do is to bake cookies to complete my set of "English Tea" cooking skill... Oh yeah.. and I need to learn to make my own jam too.. Hmmmhh,,fine.. still a long way to go... (-_-")

Yesterday, I was taught on how to cook "Udang Masak Senang"... LoL.. Its really that senang (translate: simple). Takes only about 10 minutes to make it.
(If you'd like to know the recipe, plz let me know..)

So anyway, last week I visited my other aunts' place, in Singapore. It was about a year ago since I last went to her house. And I found my second heaven...*dreaming*..........

The book collection I have in my room is no comparison to my uncles' newly renovated room cm library! He has like loaaaaaaaaaaads of cool reading materials! I nearly cried when I first stepped in to that room. If it wasnt because he was there, I'd have rolled on the
floor, smelled all the books and hug them all until I'm fully contentd .. He has book genres
from religions to world issue to culture to historical , bibiograpy, comics...I tell you if I have died in that room that day, I'd be the happiest deadman...

Unfortunately, I didnt have the time to read all them books. I only managed to read 3. :-). But still I'm still overjoyed.

People like me are the ones who're always at lost because we tend to take things for granted. I NEVER liked reading books when I was a librarian back in my school days. All I did was sit at the counter and did "wordsearch"... and gossip... haih.... if only I was good enough to pick a book
and sit in the corner and read silently, I would have become someone more useful than what I am today.. LoL.. Aight getting late.. night.. :*

*i miss my parents...*hugs pillow**


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Abdullah said...

Got your Staying true by Jenny Sanford yet? I'd be happy to add that to your library..