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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The People of the Cave PART 1


I'd like to share with you a story on one of the books I read during my stay in Singapore. Its about the Seven Sleepers.

SubhanAllah.. Just about a few days before I left for Singapore, a friend and I were discussing about the story of the seven sleepers (also known as the people of the cave or "Ashabul Kahf"). We were arguing about the time when the event happened. But neither of us found a conclusion and we carried on talking bout other topics (in other words...neither of us checked the net or asked sumone else bout it after that).

Good for me, I found the book regarding the subject at my uncle's place....nyaa.. :3

What I'm about to write might not be 100% as what its written in the book. I might miss a few infos. Here goes!

The story of the AK (Ashabul Kahf) began at the time of King Decius dictation. There were many opinions on where the location took place, some say in Syria some say in Jordan. Anyway, King Decius had 6 cousin, one whose name is Thamlika.

One night while Thamlika's brothers were falling asleep, Thamlika was thinking to himself, if King Decius was really God as he claimed himself to be. King Decius was not the one who created the stars and the moon, he's just a mere human being with power on the land they're living in, so he thought there might be a more superior being than King Decius that created the whole universe.

Thamlika then asked his brothers; " Who is your God?" They answered : "King Decius is". Thamlika asked them again; "Was it King Decius who created the moon and the stars at night? or the food you eat? (etc etc) They answered "No". Thamlika then asked them all together to pray to the God who created those things.

So from that day onwards, all the 6 guys prayed to the God AlMighty at night as to keep it down from King Decius but during the day they served the King. Satan got to know about this, so he then told King Decius about the worship of another God by the 6 brothers. The King then called them to forth the next day. He asked "Who do you worship?" Thamlika and the others answered " We worship the one who fill us from our hunger and give us shelter at night (etc etc) . King Decius thought nothing was wrong with that since he(King Decius) was the one who feed them food and give them shelter. So, he let them go.

Thamlika and his 5 brothers continue to worship God AlMighty during night time and satan was not pleased. He then told King Decius again about the 6 brothers worshiping God AlMighty and told him that they worship Him during the night. So King Decius called them again. King Decius asked if he (King Decius) was God to them. Thamlika then asked: "Were you the one who created the stars at night the universe, the hills, the food water etc etc?"
And King Decius was like "No". Thamlika then replied;" Well, we have been worshiping the God who created those things for us". Ashamed and angry, King Decius sentenced them to the prison. (. . . to be hanged maybe? I forgot...)

Almohem, they were put in prison first. One day King Decius and his comrades had to go out of the city for a few days, so they kept the gate of the city closed. A night before that, Angel Jibrail (Gabriel) came to Thamlika's dream in a form of a boy. He was playing a "round thing" happily. He said something that had given the idea on how they can escape out of the city.

The next day, knowing that King Decius was out of town, Thamlika then persuaded the prison guard to let them go, saying that they are of good people and they just want to meet their families for the last time and will come back the next day. Furthermore, the gate was full of guards and it had been closed so they couldnt possibly just go out of the city like that. Knowing their family background and how good they are, the guard let him out but told them to come back the next day. So they were freemen for a day.

However, instead of going back to their families, Thamlika made that "round thing" just as he saw in his dreams. [In modern days that round thing is called "a ball".. (lol...seriously)] He then started kicking it. His actions were observed by his brothers and they started playing together. (I am not sure if they all played the same ball or they made themselves their own). [This is the first ball game ever played recorded in history (according to the book)]. So they were playing in the city and all the town people got excited and engross with the newly profound game. They were like hypnotized just watching the game. Little do they know that actually Thamlika and his brothers had a plan to make their escape from the town. They kicked the ball towards the gate and the gate opened. But the people didnt realize the plan as they were giving so much attention to the game. So they thought thats a part of the game. They played until they were far from the town and from the eyes of the people.

Now thats what you call the Great Escape! cz u have fun along the way..ngehe... =3

So they escaped and basically was running away from Decius. Along the way, they met with a shepherd and his dog. The shepherd then told them that he was also the believer of God AlMighty and wanted to join on their venture together with his dog. At first the 6 brothers was not that eager to let the shepherd bring along his dog because the dog might bring their enemies to find them. But miraculously, by God's will, the dog spoke in human language and said that he'll protect them instead.

So went together until they were so tired and needed to rest. They found a cave and agreed to take a nap. A "nap" which took 300 / 309 years.......

to be continued......................................................i gotto take my showerrrrr........pfffffft..... (-_-")

p/s: If I'm not mistaken the title of the book is called " The Surprising Stories about the Sleepers of the Cave", Author.. something Turki-ish.. (LoL am bad at this..)..

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