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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Haapy Birthday to me!

So, my birthday is coming up in 6 days. Yippy yeay! And all I want to do is COOK!

As many knows, am not the partying type... more accurately; not the "fun kind"..

My definition of FUN would be lazing around at home; watch downloaded movies, grab a book (oh, not novels please! cant stand the suspense), cook, painting, writing in my diary or organizer or a self-made motivational book (which shows how pathetic I am) and...doing crochet ..(now that sounds more pathetic, grandma!... -_-")

A definition of "FUN-NER" to me would be singing and listening to music the whole day, play awful covers of certain songs on my 14 year old CASIO keyboard (-which my cat had vomited on and now 3 keys are not functioning) or if am lucky enough, I'd get to go to talks.

On special occasions however, it'll be nice to get to go to concerts playing orchestra... hey..thats nice *closes eyes and imagining*.... and also to sit by the beach the whole day and talk non stop with a compatible talking partner...

You can say that am a very intimate person.. and have a reserved personality. I prefer hanging out with some close few rather in a big group...


okay................why am I explaining myself here?? *sigh* probably reaching the age of a quarter of a century makes me talk about myself even more frequent... hahhaha..huuuuu... (TT_TT)..not good...

Anyway lets get back on track, so last 2 years I had like a Julie & Julia theme-like dinner; where I cooked Bouef Borguinone as a main dish, Bruchetta, roast chicken, and not forgetting my poisonous cake. Well guess what?


But instead of making Almond Cake, I'm making another cake -which I have not figure out what yet but still from Julia Child -as my birthday cake!...and edible I hope.. :D And I wont be doing the roast chicken... -What am I gonna replace it with... Poached eggs?- And for desert?? haih.... i need to do my homework...

And this year... InsyaAllah.. I plan to make cupcakes and give it to the neighbors!!! So Canning Vale residents.. watch out for doorbells on the 16th of this month! There's gonna be sweet cakes for ya! :D


kyo_9 said...

aaaa... would love to be your neighbor right now.. :p

SH said...

cupcakes!! mauuuu!!