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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tribute to 2013 Malaysian Election

As a Malaysian.
I had never voted.
I have never hated any parties.
I have never been too PRO about a party.
Nor have I been too CON against a party also.
I like Nik Aziz as a well-learned-very-humble old man.
I hate the st*pid and shallow gigs everyone is doing to win the election.
-: that includes:

  • BN Gong Xi Fa Chai concert in Penang the other day, (Eventho if PSY was really 'sponsored'; the money could've been 'sponsored' to something more beneficial to the country).
  • The Holier Than Thou propaganda. Using everything under the name of "religion". You are kafir He is kafir They are Kafir .Stop using the name of religion for your own benefit please. You are tarnishing the name of something very pure. And stop using foul words with your turban on. 
  • them ugly-sizing my beautiful state with flags and posters. That's so zaman tok kadok okay.

Now that I can, I think I will vote. But ONLY if the next leader is as GREAT as :

  Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Put aside the negative remarks and accusations. See how he had lead Malaysia and (you cant deny) the Muslim World. Take a look and compare.

He might be a bad person to some but as a leader of a country and a spokesperson for the (not-just) Islamic country leaders ( well, from my point of view; he's the only one left after Saddam Hussein passed on; I loved Saddam Hussein too :'P)

To me he is a genius. HE was trying to make a change.

I love him to bits. :*

And he was the best Prime Minister I have ever experienced leading this country so far.

Thank you Dr.Mahathir.


P/S: He does not need to be from BN nor PAS. Just a good leader will do. And I love leaders...arrr... bahaha..k bye,,

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LuqmanShihab said...

Hye Ameera...assalamualaikum. :-)