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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here come the sun du du du dum


So I started my day quite early today… Thought of finishing my errands for the weekend but ended up here. In front of my mini Viao… BLOGGING…

On another tab of my google chrome, there’s a link to my gmail…

Inbox = 0 , last email received = January 5th 2010 , “Dave Ward has requested to follow on your Twitter!” *sigh*

Doesn’t anybody forwards email anymore? Or compose email instead of sending them on Facebook ‘message’??

Oh well, at least, I could always count on, Mr.Sekiya , a senior Japanese citizen I met on the lrt back in 2004. He would never fail to email me greetings and I like it when writes about his interesting life as a traveler! The pictures he sends are always so amazing… He’s such a darl… Same goes to his wife and cute grandchildren. I wish to meet him again.

As for my long lost friends, and also the new ones, I’m trying to find them on blogger and twitter… Since I’ve deactivated my facebook account, maybe just for the time being…or it could also be permanently…,I find it hard to get back in touch with them… So currently, I’m like doing this Sherlock Holmes investigation, trying to find each and one of my friends… Does anyone has a better way of solving this task??

Alryty.. time to get myself prepared to study! I still have A LOT to cover for my hematology subject, and tomorrow is my first quiz! Oh God, please don’t flunk me! T______T


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Alia AlZawawi said...

try FRIENDSTER. hahahhahaha