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Monday, January 18, 2010

Could this be Part One??


Home is bliss… spent my weekend here and going back to Kwantanamo this evening… *saaad!!*

Although I know , my face tells that am no interesting girl and that I have no interesting life line, but let me just share with you *the people who finds me much less boring..hmmph! * some jest *my life is a joke anyway* on my weekend, spent at home…with my loving family…and best friend…

Well, you guys DO know that last Saturday was my birthday right? Asking politely with a smile while pointing a dagger under your nose… Good! Well, there wasn’t a grand party nor were there even balloons but just a small gathering of 8 persons, including me, having dinner prepared by yours truly. =).. So, ready to begin with my birthday story? oh yes you are! *wink wink*

January, 15th 2010

Okay, so its one day before my birthday, heeee~~ jz a quicky

Arrived in Terengganu at approximately 1 pm. Went to Giant to get groceries for my French dish the next day. Fatin made a sudden decision to come to my place. Baked my birthday cake..OH!!! THE BIRTHDAY CAKE!! This I MUST elaborate!!

Do you know that there’s a difference between almond extract and almond flavor?? YES… a HUGE difference!!!! So, I put ¼ cup of Almond flavor to the batter … big mistake!! It made the cake taste like a bakery with CLOROLEX essence… T_T .. And bout the smell... well, do you know how the fly repellent smells like? Mmm.. yeah.. well its like that…My cake was a disaster... I am partially a failure.... to almost everything... okay, thats only me being mellow dramatic and asking for sympathy and pitifulness...

And after that I had Mc Donalds for dinner before I went up to sleep…

I would like to continue with the sequence of next day on the same post but I guess I’ve pretty much bore you… So lets just stop here for the moment… and when you feel like you have time to kill, you may read the continuation to my story which i havent finished writing it yet .. =)


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