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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Exorcism to my phone is inneed!!


So I went to the clinic……finally…. And the doctor gave me prescriptions of antibiotic cream and penicillin tablets for four days…. All the worries on my ”nose bleed” were worthless… Its just a friggin pimple in the nose…. But it did hurt like shuuuz alryt!! So I was not really exaggerating my sorrownity * if there’s even a word* …. sorrowfulness … hmmm…

Anywho, when I made my not-so-happy visit to the doctor just now, a fellow classmate I greeted. He was waiting for his name to be called by the pharmacist for his medication. I never remember ever talking to him before, although I do realize that we have been in the same class for almost 5 years, so I thought, let’s just make a change, you know, I HAVE to, someday later, stop being a snobbish flitch…

so I asked him; “You’re sick?” yes that’s the best I can do, stop complaining!! And he, surprisingly, was being such a friendly chap. I never thought he would actually elaborate on his FUNGAL infection… eeeww…but kesian.. :(

Note to those who go swimming at public pools: … Just don’t go swimming there … specially on rainy season.

Furthermore, I cant believe he actually have a sweet smile… it was so innocent… he was like a boy… though his size might not really be “equivalent” to my characteristic on him …

Back to the start of my hellish day, as I woke up from bed this morning, my Motorola phone seemed to be too… just as I open the flip to look at the time, the phone start snapping pictures….NON STOP!! And the freakiest thing is, everything was still dark then, so my phone automatically set its camera view to night-mode vision… Let’s imagine you, in my shoe, for a while….

Its barely even 4 a.m, why the hell was I awake at that time, just don’t ask, It was barely 4, the lights in my room were still out, and my possessed phone was snapping pictures like nobody else’s business… And as I moved the phone up and down, left and right, still, it continued snapping… And all I can see from the screen view of my so ‘suddenly’ night-vision camera, was my hung, hooded, cardigan… How freaky is THAT???

And on top of all, I had a Hollywood-scary movie nightmare last night. PLUS I watched “PROM NIGHT” right before I go to bed!!! The only thing that was missing in my room that time, was a murderer… which I thank God he wasn’t there… Love you God,muahx!! Oh, and about my dream, well, I dreamt that me and my parents and my sisters and a few strangers (who were suppose to be friends of ours*but I seriously never had seen them before*) were being followed by a few zombies… yup ... ZOMBIES… how childish is that?? But the word ‘childish’ didn’t seem to appear during the moment I was in the dream… it was so so scary I swear… but I do wish to have those kinda dreams again…. But not any time soon. But the feeling of waking up in bed feeling all exhausted and breathless is pretty much amazing… Though waking up with the man of your dreams would be pretty much.. better… =)

Hematology class in ten… toodles!

p/s: Quiz was cancelled ^_^


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