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Sunday, January 10, 2010



It turns out that Mr. Dan Humphrey (as he proclaimed himself to be) says that my blogs are sooo for insiders and that he couldnt even understand most of them. And plus he wouldnt watch movies especially with titles of girls,(how discriminating) and a character of a ‘a husband to die for’.. well .. at least comment me on MY BLOG rather than sms-ing me on my phone! At least there’re entries on my comment box.. ;_( .. God, when did I ever become this pathetic?? Plus stop playing futsal at night… Its not good for your lungs… I think…. And stop smoking too… Be grateful that im being a bitter yet still a great friend to you today Mr!! It doesn’t come that often!

Plus, Julie & Julia IS the best movie ever and I pray that it’ll get 15 Oscars for the movie!!!! Hmmmph!

. Blair .

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