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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just another girl, alone at the bar....


Sometimes, we humans, tend to be almost unbearably self centered without realizing it...

We are always so overwhelmed with our emotions; thinking that,
nothing in this world could ever defeat and go beyond the feeling that we are currently feeling....
happy, sad..etc...

Unappreciative is another word to describe many of us...

Is it that bad the fact that we have to drive a Proton instead of a Porsche to go to work?
Isnt it good enough that we have someone who'd really care for us though he's a such a nerd?
Its just a hair malfunction. The hairstylist accidently cut your hair shorter. So what?

Has it occur to us to have a thought, of looking at life from the eyes of the less fortunate?

Ever had Lintang slipped your mind?
How he had to cycle 2 hours everyday in order to get to school..
how he had to go through all the heat, sweat, dust, and the energy used just to learn to read and write..
but he's just a stinkin' fishermans's son. he's not worth thinking about......... is he?

Then what about the grandpa's and grandmas at the old folk's home who has no one taking care of them despite their love given to us when we were young? Did our parents forget
the love the mothers showered them when they were little? Do we think they dont need
affection anymore just because they are amnesiacs? ( is there such word??heee)

Leukemics have no hair at all...
how do you think they would feel every time they look at themselves through the mirror... Its not just their disease that horrifies them but their appearance too... its sad...

Its sad that we are too self absorbed with our fortunate lives and think less about others...

I came across a stranger yesterday. She looked happy.. Always smiling.. She seemed to problem less in my eyes.. She's pretty, and was very jovial.
Then a friend told me that she just got through a breakdown... Her parents just split... The divorce was so painful to her as she was very close to both parent and their families.
The story didnt end there... Apparently, the mom was so furious over the divorce that she wants nothing to do with her exhusband's family anymore and band her children from seeing him.
And the father's family...well.. they have totally ignored her... Even her close cousins were not being allowed to speak to her anymore..
Its been nearly a year... And she misses her dad.. and her dying grandmother...

Some of us think the worst things has happen to us when its just a small matter.

Failing a subject for instance. We can still resit the exams couldnt we? And with some effort, we could even do better than the rest of the class.. Maybe an A+++!

Breaking up. You lost a guy.. ONE person... now compare yourself to the girl who lost the whole family on her father's side...
its not the end of the world okay... maybe, its just not yet the right time for the both of you to be in a relationship. Maybe this is the time for us to discover things about ourselves. Know what we
want in life... time will tell if you are meant to be.... (and we're meant to be.... heeeee...)

Talking through experience?

I'm not such a goody-goody myself.. often time I am not grateful with what I have... I appreciate less than I complain...
But it doest mean that I accept it as my nature... coz i know, that somewhere in me,
and sometime from now...i will change...to be someone more appreciative...

urgghh..holding my bladder too long... i need to go!!!!

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