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Friday, March 12, 2010

I want YOU to duet with ME!


Here’s what happened just now. My whole day was Glee-anized! The image of William Schuester was everywhere.

I must admit, I’m always kinda outadated when it comes to TV series and that the Glee phenomenon was so yesteryear ...but I just cant seemed to get it outta my head!! I mean like FOR REAL!!!

It all started when my lecturer was serving us his last lecture. He was talking non stop about gene therapy, its sources, target, yada yada yada.. Okay, my body was there and my mind too but my soul was suddenly being taken away .......by a mesmerizing stare... it took approximately 4 seconds. I KNOW he wasnt looking "looking" at me; but he's Shah Rukh Khan looks is just oh-so-hard-to-resist!


I was taken to McKinley HighSchool's music hall.

There I was, wearing the exact same dress Rachel Berry wore, singing "My Endless Love" with dear, Mr. William Schuester. He was singin beautifully, so was I..only that I sang much better than the original singer did.. And suddenly Will's faced slowly transformed into Dr.T's... Urghh!!

Though my hematology lecturer's looks is highly above average, but the thought of it was just so unethical. PERIOD. and its yucky . So I called it quits and went back to the auditorium hall to continue on "limitations of a vector". bah!

So after the class, we left the audi for the cafe. Along the way, I was talking about Glee with my main source of that TV show. And after a while of talking and discussing; she finally dropped the "R" bomb.





Is she INDIRECTLY saying that I'm a freak,self-centered,pathetic loser ???


And I couldn't agree with her more....sigh... but I'm not RACHEL! I wanna be Quinn Fabray. She's prettier. And has a smaller nose. =)

After that we went to get ourselves one ice-blended pink guava- to be shared...We're students..so its kinda a norm to save budget..plus...it intimated us more....arrrr!! *Fat runs away.. "I WAS ONLY JOKING!! I'M NOT A HOMO"!!...yet...jk!!*

ice-blended?? you mean slurpee?? OMG its just like in Glee... All this while the ice-blended has just been a background in my life but today... today the ice-blended has become a TOPIC in my life.. OMG..its soo glee...

And the ice-blended maker..I mean.. who does he think he is??? I bet he thinks he's Will Schoester.. Well youre not!! your not, okay!! youre not even half cool tho you ice-blend, get it?!! Stop thinking your HIM!!! k.. maybe he doesnt even knnow who Mr.Will Schoester is but i bet he wants to BE him once he know who Will is.. so get outta my way!...k.. thats a bit psychotic....

Anywho, Fat and I were thinking of getting a pet. But not a cat since Fat has an Anti-Meow Syndrome and not tortoise or hamster coz I dun like their smell.. Still considering a sugar glyder but its a bit costly and I dont think I can afford it.. hmmm... oh well...

Btw, August Rush is a must watch. For long have I wished to watch movies that could touch every skin to my soul…And this picture has proven that they exist!..

Happy watching...



**><**RamblingRambler**><** said...

It's surprising that u haven't wrote about My Name is Khan. Disappointed much? XD

Anonymous said...
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LinLin said...

yes dear, you are as paranoid as Rachel!! But your ways with strangers are Quinny ;)

izah said...

Dr tariQ? scandal? jeng jeng jeng...............

ameera alzawawy said...

no comment....*tersipu2x.. hahahaa..jk