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Monday, March 29, 2010

I got it from my momma!


Mom has always been a worrisome. Yesterday, before going to the infamous East Coast Mall *rolleyes* , I called up my mom just to update her with some stuff. And when she got to know that I was to drive there, she became overprotective and worried. And told me to read some prayers in car…..*wait..am not finished*…..she told me to read the prayers: ALL THE WAY TO ECM!!

Arrghh.. To tell you the truth, I’m EASILY annoyed whenever she tells me to do that.. OKAY Mom, I’ll read prayers but NOT ALL THE WAY!!! I mean like there are other things I have to look out to, and one of them is like : FOCUSING ON THE ROAD

    ( Its not anything, but whenever she says that, it puts a burden on me because, okay, there’s one thing that you have to know, I’m afraid of jinx and karma. So, whenever my mom tells me to do something, I’ll do almost EXACTLY what AND how she tells me to do it--- coz in my shrunken birdy bone head, bad things will happen if I don’t follow my mom’s order.

    I’m not saying that I’m a totally obedient child. I’m not… Seriously.. Not quite… I’m somewhat a rebel… *ROCK ON DUDES!!*…… in my own ways

    But I do follow most of my parents’ regulations… Therefore, in a nutshell, when she says ALL THE WAY.. I’ll take it literally and that means that I’ll HAVE TO read it NONSTOP.. )

SO anyway, while my mom was telling me which prayers I need to read while driving, I simply snap and cut her off…

I was like “Mama, I know you are worried but please think of me! I’m more worried than you are!! I’m the one who’s DRIVING for God’s sake! I will read the prayers, but THE WHOLE WAY??!! Come on Ma… You put too much tense in me that it puts me under pressure every time I tell you I want to drive somewhere… ”

And you know what she replied?

“I think you’re mad at me now because I just scolded your grandmother (her mother) this morning.”

And I was like high-pitched-huh; “Huh????”

And Mom was like “Your grandmother told her friends of something that is meant to be kept in discreet from someone… (Old folk’s gossips??) So I told her off. And now you’re mad at me as a punishment for me being angry at her this morning… Fair enough… Now read “Lailaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzalimiin” many times while you’re driving...”

In my head I was like.. “Mom…of all the things… it has nothing to do with her at all!! Do you know how seriously random you can be at times??? And didn’t I JUST tell you not to pressure me to read those things

But I didn’t say it out loud, I just kept quiet. I didn’t want to prolong the argument. I AM driving anyways. I’m scared if I was rude and make my mom upset, bad things will happen to me on the road *Ya Latiff, 3uthubillah min thalik, Allah ba3eed!!!*.

So I was like “Okay..just pray for me.. am off to the road”..*sigh*


To think of it, at first, I thought my mom was being ridiculously overprotective and have no trust in me in whatsoever. But to think again;

I’m not much different.

In fact, I’m EXACTLY like that. I worry too much about some people till I make them suffocate (eeek!!*choke*? =P). Its not that I don’t have faith in them, its just that I’m there to remind just in case they forgot. There’re no intensions of belittling them whatsoever. But I know it can be seriously irritating..

Take an example, at the bus station. I’ll repeatedly warn my sister to watch out for her belongings.

    “Take care of your handbag”.. And after 3 minutes, I’ll take a look at my sister’s handbag just to make sure its still there. Then one minute after that, I’ll repeat the same thing with the same intonation “Take care of your handbag”…

I know she always gets annoyed but she just had to bear with it; since she “idolized” me much… HAHAHAHA..! I wish! :P

Another example will be if I’m in a car driven by someone else besides me..

“Be careful” or “Car coming” or “Watch out!!”

… Those seemed to be the ONLY words that’ll come out from my mouth.. huuhuu.. :P ..


Trying…trying…trying…trying… trying…trying…trying…trying…trying…trying…trying…trying…trying…

DONE ^_____^


alif zai mim ra said...

hehe.. cute~

same with me.. i'll do things when ppl especially when my parents ask me to do though i dun want to. cam skema kan? haha

ameera alzawawy said...

you memang skema pun.. hahah... jk..

alif zai mim ra said...

ahahahuhu.. :-B

Szakif said...

Er.. Sekali terbaca sampai habis. susah kot nak tengok aku baca sampai habis entri panjang2 macam ni. he~ terhibur.. maybe ada connection kat situ yang membuatkan aku rasa aku perlu belajar banyak perkara lagi berkenaan perempuan.

maklum la. dah nak kawen :)

ameera alzawawy said...

oh..right.. girls are more complicated than you think we are. congrats btw. :)