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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A lil bit on what's Eid Adha and Hajj :)


Hi all. I'm here to wish all muslims :


For those who doesn't know anything about this celebration, you can google it or read it on wikipedia. :)


I wish I could tell you in detail bout this celebration, but my knowledge is not deep enough for me to give a speech on it. But nevertheless, I'll tell you a bit on what it's all about; from my understanding.

Idul Adha celebration is celebrated by muslims to remember about the willingness of prophet Ibrahim A.S to slaughter his son, Ismail A.S.

It is believed by muslims that , God wanted to test on prophet Ibrahim's love
for the religion. Whether prophet Ibrahim A.S were to obey His(God) orders or
not. Prophet Ibrahim was asked to slaughter his own son; Ismail (whom he
loved dearly..of course...its he's son
) by God's commands. Because prophet
Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his own son for God and agreed to it,God had
passed Ibrahim 'the test of faith' (hihi) and
Ibrahim was told to replace Ismail with a goat. So instead, prophet Ibrahim
slaughhter the goat, not his son. Yeay! Happy ending~

The meat of the sacrificed animal (goat, cow, camel and other allowed animals by Islamic law) will be divided into 3 parts. 1st part is for family. 2nd part are to be given to neighbours and friends, 3rd part is to give to poor and needy as charity.

Before idul Adha is celebrated, some muslims go to Mekah to perform Hajj. Muslims are suppose to do Hajj at least once in our life time but only if we can afford to perform it. ( Like if we have enough money, good health and there is nothing stopping us from doing so. ) . The history of Hajj is loooooong and I'm not pro enough to write about it. But it's written quite nicely in wikipedia. You can check if you are interest to know. Hehe.. I know I'm soo 'malas' today. :) hehe..
okay night night :-*


kyo_9 said...

some books said that the meats must go first to the poor and needy; if there are left overs, then it can be shared with the rest..

p/s sup lembu.. uhuuuu *sob*

ameera alzawawy said...

oh really? noted. will check it out.

Ima Kawamura said...

Very nice.
Very informative.
Thank you Miss Ameera-san.