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Monday, November 22, 2010

"SECTIONALS" *exercising*


My younger sister recomended me to watch this video. According to her; Rachel Berry (especially in this video) reminds her so much about me that she cant stop laughing while watching it.

The same sister of mine also told me to watch Glee Season One episodes: "Ballads" and "Hello"- calling Rachel ; a "psycho-drama queen-perfectionist-freak".

Guess what? I'm not offended at all; thank you very much.

In fact I'm delighted to actually realize there's another sane person in this world besides me.

So what if I'm a drama queen? I love to express myself in the way I see it. Its not that I'm over exagerating, I just want people to experience the feeling that I'm feeling ; thus the elongated elaboration and explanation on everything; where some people like you, call it EXAGERATION.

And its not that I'm a perfectionist. I just like things to be in order and well planned; thus the calender obsession. And I fully understand on why Lea Michele (Rachel) asked the person to re-play the part in the song. Its because the pianist messed up with the notes/verse hence she cant represent herself at her best. How can she let someone judge her in that kind of situation? *Lea; I got your back, hunny.*

You just dont understand what people like us go through. And you just dont see life as we see it.

The end.

hehehe... lool.. I feel like sucha freak writing you
this post.. LOOOL!!
haha.. yeah.. i know am a
bit of a drama queen and
exagerative and spoilt and perfectionist and loves
to order people around..
hahahahaha.. hihi.. its hard being me.. LOOOOL!! k
k .. I'll try to change.. but
I think I'm cute like that... miiieeeow~~ =3

luv u much Alia.


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your spelling is so bad it annoys me.

peas (just for laughs hihi)